Custom Millwork Services

Holmes Custom Moulding produces bulk and custom orders of finely milled wood products such as broom and paintbrush handles, furniture components, and food industry tools made from American hardwoods in Amish country. We specialize in custom milling services and can add your logo to any product we create. We can accommodate large- and small-scale orders with a variety of wood materials, nearly all of which we are able to fully process from drying to milling in-house

Custom Millwork by Holmes Custom Moulding

Do you need to have custom parts created?

We would be happy to provide the skilled labor and tools needed to produce custom parts for you.

Do you have the materials you need for the custom parts


Awesome! We can take the materials you have and turn them into the parts you need.


Fantastic! We have the ability to source the materials needed to create the parts you need.

Need something more specific?

Our customers receive more than just a product that is higher quality than an imported version—when you work with HCM you’ll get continuous, direct, and easy communication every step of the way from the time we receive your blueprint until the finished product is in your hands. We offer lower shipping costs and shorter lead times than our imported competition, and always guarantee your complete satisfaction after a purchase.

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To receive a quote for a custom order, simply upload a blueprint of your item below.
We’ll give you a quote for the product, a lead time, and send samples if necessary. Your order will be processed and shipped
in a timely manner and we will follow up to make sure you are satisfied with the finished product.